Where you should invest in the web in 2019

You’re ready for the next web experience. You’re an “early adopter” ready, and willing, to use new technologies to enhance your apps.But the problem with the bright, shiny (see also: distracting) new things coming to the web? You have limited time. And knowing what key trends and tools will help you create competitive and desirable products really matters1. Browser compatible languages“Everyone should be looking at Typescript and Babel going forward.” – John PapaWe’ve come along way from the days of users being left behind due to browser incompatibility. Today, tools like Typescript and Babel allow developers to leverage features of modern JavaScript across browsers while generally being low risk.2. Code editorsYou have a lot of options out there when it comes to choosing the best code editor. Make a decision based on what’s easy to learn and actively making improvements like VS Code, Atom, WebStorm and Vim. Ultimately, the best solution will be a code editor that your developers want to use—they’ll be most efficient with their preferred tools.3. JavaScript frameworksThe million-dollar question: which framework is best for 2019 and beyond? When it comes to making the right investment, first consider the problems you’re trying to solve. Secondly, identify which framework offers the best talent pool for your organization. The three clear leaders of the talent pack are Angular, React and Vue.4. OptimizationGreat maintenance of web apps is they key to delivering amazing experiences, faster. Tools and methodologies like compressing code, background processing, just-in-time compiling (JIT) and browser throttle testing can help you optimize. Tree-shaking dead code (with Webpack or Gulp) will become necessarily for delivering competitive products.5. Continuous deployment“Next year [continuous deployment tools] will be required of us in 2019 because it will be easier to deploy and this technology is getting much simpler.”  Platforms and versions will continue to change. It’s time to leverage automation to help your team stay on track. Using Containers and continuous integration (CI) tools like Jenkins and Travis can help automate your build and deploy process.

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