Managing social media pages

Managing social pages is a term that many of us are still surprised by.
Are there really companies that manage our social media accounts for us? And what are the best companies in this field?

Nowadays, most people are using social media to communicate with each other and know each other’s news. They also use them to work, market products and sell them to as many interested people as possible.

To know the importance of being on social media, it is enough to know that Facebook has 19 billion visits per month.

Twitter has 3.5 billion visits per month. This is a very large number of visits that should be well exploited in marketing.


Social media goals

Social networking goals vary depending on customer needs and what each company wants to achieve.

Some companies want to advertise their own brand and others want to increase sales.

Others need to increase customer numbers and some want to increase interaction on social media pages and sites.

There is also a question for many corporate clients: what can your company offer us by managing social networking sites?

The marketing team provides you with a number of services in the field of managing social media pages, including:

  1. Accurate and targeted market study and in-depth customer analysis
  2. A comprehensive and integrated analysis of all your corporate and competitor social media accounts
  3. Manage advertising campaigns fully.
  4. Identify the best and most appropriate social media sites for your business.
  5. Provide powerful and engaging promotional content to be posted on the sushial media accounts pages.
  6. Follow all the new on the social media pages and respond to the queries and comments of followers.
  7. Identify the visual identity of the company and the brand and turn it into a distinctive and attractive design.
  8. Build strong relationships with popular and non-competitive accounts and hire them to spread your brand.
  9. In the end, comprehensive periodic reports are provided for all used plans, future proposals and any suggestions from your company to develop the marketing plans used.

A question that many business owners ask is about the team that will run their networking sites.

  1. The director of the marketing team that monitors, plans and follows all activities, plans, the way they are implemented and the results that have been reached.
  2. Creative content writer.
  3. A professional graphic design designer who is talented and creative in his field.
  4. An account administrator who determines when publications are published and how they are published.

The importance of social networks

There is a difference in the marketing stages and the reach phase for targeted customers and interested in what we offer, the first stage is the stage of advertising and introducing customers and people with the products or services we offer, and the second stage is the stage of reaching target customers who buy from us what we offer.

Social networks help reach target customers through paid advertising by customizing search according to interests, age, gender, geographic region and any other criteria we want to make search results very accurate and get the best results.

It’s important to study your customers’ behavior on social media.

In terms of when they browse your accounts, the most posts they’ve ever edited, what kind of publications they’ve been in, and what category you’ve interacted with your publications most.

Measuring how your account followers interact with you gives you a clear picture of how successful you are in reaching your target followers.

And they’re not just regular followers of your accounts that are useless.

When you link your social media accounts to your website, marketing and sharing articles on social media makes it very easy in just a few minutes.

Social media management strategy

You must have a constant presence on all social media sites to see that there is an interested audience on it.

That’s why create accounts with the same brand name on all social media.

Go to each of your social media accounts and fill in all important information about your company or brand with great care and don’t neglect to enter any information no matter how small.

Add a post every day with a clear and interesting picture of your services.

Post them on all your social media accounts without exception.

Add more people who are interested in your field and the services you offer from the competitors’ pages.

Or by searching the social networking site you’re working on, or by creating funded ads on these sites to reach the most interested people.

Use the social media analytics tools you use to know everything about your audience.

What are his interests, what content he likes, watches and reads for long periods, and is he interested in what most women or men have to offer, and many other analyses.

Select which social networking sites are most suited to your business, focus your efforts on them and leave the rest.

You won’t find your most interested audience on all social media sites at once.

Select the person or team that will be responsible for managing all your social media accounts and you will be free to complete the important and essential parts of your work.

We have a suitable team to manage social media accounts, follow their activities around the clock and publish all the new news about your business and the services you provide.

Social media management schedule

You must manage your accounts on any social networking site from one place or one integrated person or team manages all your accounts at the same time.

Post your content at specific times during the day on all your social media accounts at once to keep your followers interacting with your accounts.

We have a dedicated team to manage your accounts on all social media sites and do all the activities you want.

Interacting with people who interact with our content and commenting is interested in what we offer, it preserves customers and builds trust between us and them.

Our social media followers should be divided into several sections according to their interests to make it easier to follow them later.

Looking at activity statistics on our accounts on several social networking sites is very important to know what matters most to our followers

For the above, our marketing team in the management of social pages coordinated and built the content and graphic design team to create content and graphic design to create attractive content and designs to increase interaction and followers of social pages and coordinate among them to publish these publications and designs according to a well-thought-out plan to achieve the best results, and the analysis and follow-up team analyzes and measures the results reached if appropriate and develops new plans to get better results.


If you are looking for digital marketing services, we at MA Global Group offer you various areas of expertise and ensure that you reach your goals.

We are a marketing company and have a partnership with Google, the details of which you can see through this link.

You can also contact us and get to know us and our team here.

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