How to promote your channel on YouTube

Many channel owners on YouTube are always wondering about how to increase the number of views and subscriptions they have in their own channels and how to promote them on the platform.

Therefore, recently a large number of marketing companies have appeared on the YouTube platform, which are interested in this field and bring a large number of views in a record time and at competitive prices, depending on the number of views requested by the owners of YouTube channels.

YouTube channel promotion

There are many reasons to promote your channel on YouTube, and among these reasons we mention the following:

  • If the channel is in its beginning and you want to fulfill the conditions for joining the YouTube partnership program, then reaching 4000 hours of views at the beginning is difficult and takes a long time.
  • You may have a channel and want more views, and hence, an increase in revenue.
  • You may be the owner of a service or product and want to promote it and reach the largest number of views possible from the target groups.

Advantages of promoting your channel through specialized marketing companies

  • Lower cost: you can start with just 30 cents per 1000 visits.
    No worries about your ads: as you save yourself the trouble of monitoring the percentage of clicks to conversions in the rarest pop ads as the visitor enters directly into your video.
  • Diversity in targets: as the browser targets the geographic location, type of visitor device, internet service provider, and other options.
  • Real-time reports: through which you get statistics about the visitors who view the ads, and this helps in improving the performance of the advertising campaigns.
  • Account manager: Where marketing companies provide you through the YouTube platform, your account manager will help you reach your advertising goals as quickly as possible.

How to start promoting your videos on YouTube

You can start promoting your videos by following some steps, the most important of which are the following:

  • Choosing the best video on your channel in terms of a large number of views and interaction on the part of viewers, where this step is very important because if the visitor watches a video and the content does not attract him, he will close it, so it is necessary to choose the video carefully so that it is of high quality and attractive content to viewers.
  • Log in to your advertising account, then start creating a new ad campaign to promote the selected video.
  • There is a very important step when creating an ad campaign, which is choosing your target audience who will watch the video, where you can target countries, internet service provider, target systems, and browsers.

YouTube channel marketing

You can improve your channel by following these procedures:

  • Commit to uploading new videos to your channel periodically.
  • Take care to choose titles that are appropriate for the video as well as the description.
  • Invite friends to subscribe to your channel.
  • You must make sure that the video thumbnail is interesting.
  • Choose your tags or tags very carefully, so that they are accurate and clear.
  • Continuous communication with the public, and respond to their comments and inquiries as much as possible.
  • Collaborate with some other YouTube creators.
  • Always be patient, achieving success is something that takes a lot of time and effort
  • Trying to create new content on trending topics in your field.
  • Create a channel trailer to help viewers get an idea of ​​your channel and its general content.

Advertising on YouTube

These are five methods you must follow for your YouTube ads to succeed:

  • Write interesting and relevant content.
  • Attract followers by making playlists.
  • Give the advertisement names related to the content of the video.
  • Take care to publish permanently.
  • Get your viewership from your targeted ads.

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